The Time to Sell is NOW

Are rising interest rates, low housing inventory and general economic uncertainty causing you to question if now is the right time to list your home? Well, they shouldn’t! Now is the time for potential sellers to use the market’s low inventory and rising interest rates to their advantage!

According to Steven Thomas and Reports on Housing, as of January 30, 2018, the overall housing inventory in Orange County has decreased by 13%. Despite this statistic, Thomas still reports the expected market listing time has decreased to 56 days for houses priced above $1 million and the expected market time is only 38 days for homes priced under $1 million.

The sellers I have worked with this year have not only sold their homes within the average timeframe, oftentimes, they have also received multiple offers on their property. Despite the low housing inventory, buyers are still purchasing homes.

Less than two months into the New Year, I have two homes in escrow and seven homes that will be listed in the next 60 days. I believe this is the ideal time to sell and I highly encourage potential sellers to contact our team to learn more about the benefits of listing their property while the market is still hot!


Sari (& Team)