Quick Fixes To Boost Home Salability in Orange County

Preparing your home for sale should not break your budget or force you to renovate! Quick fixes like fluffing throw pillows and replacing dull light bulbs can instantly enhance the quality of your listing photos. A slight update can instantly boost the appearance of your home and make all the difference to a potential buyer. Check out our recommended quick fixes below!

Replace cabinet doors and/or door handlers
No need to renovate your entire kitchen! Updating fixtures is a quick and easy way to spruce up your kitchen.

Replace worn appliances e.g. toasters and kettles
Investing in updated appliances like toasters and kettles can make a kitchen appear less dated. Added bonus: you get to take your new appliances with you to your next home! If you don’t want to replace your appliances, placing them in a cupboard or drawer creates more counter space and alleviates clutter.

Clean the inside (and outside) of the oven
Buyers will oftentimes open drawers, refrigerators, and ovens, so cleaning and organizing storage areas is highly recommended.

Throw out or store any half-used products
Ask yourself this: If you were moving tomorrow, would that item come with you to your new home? If you answered no, throw the item away, or store it in a non-visible area.

Purchase a shower caddy
A shower caddy not only maximizes shower space but it also keeps your products organized!

Replace old shower curtains
Instantly revamp your shower with a new curtain! Sari & Team recommends staying on the neutral side and avoiding any patterns or colors that are too busy.

Bedrooms and Living Area
Wash cushion covers
By simply washing cushion covers, your sofa can look as good as new!

Cover worn sofas with throws
If washing the cushions doesn’t improve the look of your sofa, adding decorative pillows or throw blankets is a great way to disguise imperfections.

Add decorative cushions to beds
Decorative pillows are a quick and easy way to spruce up your bed

Clean carpets
It’s amazing how a deep carpet cleaning can make your carpets look brand new!

Paint walls
Neutral wall colors not only make rooms look larger. Neutral tones also allow potential buyers to observe the home’s architecture details and its potential.

Remove excess furniture
Sometimes less is more when it comes to preparing a home for sale. While the absence of furniture may make a home seem empty, overpowering furniture can detract from the home as a whole.

Eliminate clutter
The definition of clutter can vary from home to home. For some buyers, a child’s bedroom filled with sports trophies and posters can make it difficult to visualize the room’s full potential. In bathrooms, having multiple soaps and various products spread across the counter can be distracting and make the space appear smaller.

Replace dull light bulbs
Installing new light bulbs instantly brightens any room

Reduce the number of family photos on display
While family photos can make a home feel warm and inviting, too many photos can be overpowering and distract potential buyers. If your realtor is marketing your home, you may not want your family’s wall photos showcased on Redfin, Zillow, and other real estate websites for the world to see.

The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers will be exposed to when they arrive at your property. Ensuring your exterior property is displayed at its best is an immediate bonus to potential buyers.

Mow your lawn
Trim hedges
Pressure wash patio and driveway
Clean windows