Sari Ward & Team Selling Strategy

5 Steps To Selling Your Home At Peak Value

Where do home buyers come from? EVERYWHERE. One area is the Internet. Many buyers begin their search here, however, statistics show 89 percent of both first-time and repeat buyers turn to a trusted real estate professional to obtain reliable information regarding current properties on the market.


For this reason, when we market your home, many of my initial activities will center around marketing on the internet and to other real estate professionals to capture ALL interested parties.

Step 1: Prepping for Peak Value:

  • Guidance on ways to boost home worth
  • Tips for timing the market
  • Smart pricing using a blend of expertise and scientific methods
  • Staging for success

    Step 2: Guaranteeing the right exposure:

  • Best first impression with professional photos and videos
  • Expanded reach to the right buyers using online, print, mail, and other innovative techniques
  • Open Houses and Private Appointments to showcase your home

    Step 3: Connecting the power of our network:

  • Utilization of extensive connections in Orange County and beyond including realtors, multiple listing associations, local companies, investors, network, and others.
  • Expand to international markets (as necessary)

    Step 4: Negotiating for top dollar:

  • Benefit from Sari’s mastery in negotiation from her business world experience
  • Coordinate on strategizes that create advantageous terms, value, qualified buyers, and high transaction closure

    Step 5: Managing the transaction for a smooth closure:

  • “& Team” communicates daily with key stakeholders to keep everyone on top of the transaction process.
  • Continual updates will give you peace of mind and allow you to plan for the future.

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